AR and Mixed Reality Lab

Increase productivity in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with comprehensive AR tools for visualization collaboration, and quality control.

About the Lab

A company with a strong focus on emerging technology, ipixxel started to explore the potential of Augmented Reality back in 2015. We think that the technology is the next step in the evolution of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, as well as other industries. This change is challenging, but ipixxel is ready to contribute. As a result, our R&D efforts have called for the creation of a separate AR development studio. Having extensive experience in building enterprise solutions, some of ipixxel best engineers, designers, and analysts are now bringing AR to the biggest industries. Now, discover the first technology by ipixxel AR Lab — KADO for Construction.

What Is KADO


Out-of-the-Box Components

Use onboarding, stabilization algorithms, and other features right away.


Easy to Integrate

KADO quickly integrates with construction management and CAD software.



Develop and integrate of new features and capabilities with KADO